Dr HARVARD is a R&D specialized bioventure company started in a laboratory in the college of pharmacy, Harvard University.
We are developing innovative immunotherapeutic vaccines, Cellon, that can overcome the medical and technical limitations of current cancer and/or infectious diseases therapies.
Cellon is a personalized vaccine which uses patient’s own cells.
It is a powerful and efficient immunotherapeutic vaccine that activates all types of immune cells usable in our immune system with minimum adverse effects.
Our goal is to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from intractable diseases.


To develop personalized immunotherapeutic vaccines for patients with cancers or infectious diseases
that are hard to treat due to medical & technical limitations.
· To introduce new paradigm for immunotherapeutic
vaccines and improve quality of life of patients treated.


To improve technology through consistent research and development
· To become a global leading biotech-company.

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The Natural Killer Cell platform consists of investigational agents that are restricted by federal law to investigational use only.

The Natural Killer Cell platform is being investigated in multiple clinical trials across tumor sites.
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